Ways to Achieve God

Ways to achieve GOD                              


What is meditation?

                                                 As you all know that the almighty has given you birth on this earth in the form of humans, the why he has given birth on this earth in the form of  humans? It is because he wants to make us leave the chakra of births and death .


                                                  You must be thinking that what is meditation but in real words it is one of the ways to achieve inner peace . Many great persons and many unknown persons have done and have got the inner peace. But now most(95%) have been found out. Only a few (5%) are left unknown. Meditation is like a prayer to God. There are many other way to achieve god.




                                                 Like prayer , maun etc. I have tried many of the methods but the most useful method I got is Meditation. So I am giving you this information. Now if you do meditation  like the time I have given you above then I an sure that you will get the result automatically shortly. You will feel something good after many months. But if you daily then only you will get its result. So you should do it daily.


                                                       If you are very deep and you have crossed many stages and you do it more the time. If you are very deep and crossed many stages and you are on the last stage and if youth time then also you would attain it in the desired time but for that you must be on the last stage of meditation . Well if you are on the last 5th  then if you do it the less time than also you will achieve it in the desired time.










                                                You will attain your goal that means the inner peace faster but remember what I gave you on the 1st page. You don’t force your mind to do meditation. If your mind is very much ready to do this than only you do this If you will force your mind to do it then even if you do this faster then also you will attain it very late then the desired time. So for doing meditation never and never force your mind or your body to do it. Well the time of meditation is in years so many true saints that give the messages put it for 1,2,3,4,5 years .

                                            If the guru (true saint) thinks that the message that he or she that has given the message will not be achieved in 1 year than he or she extends the time limit. Sometimes a very small written message also have a very great meaning such as :”Satya” . that means the truth. It is small in wording but if anyone would follow this and speak the truth for at least 1 year than also no one can live in this world without speaking a lie. 






   That is why many great saints which were there and are there tell people not to speak a lie and for that reason many people go to the ashrams so that they leave the world till they are there and not to speak a lie because there is a strict rule that not to speak a lie.  Now mohsha can be attained fast by doing meditation .

                                             Moksha can be attained by other methods also but by meditation easily. Now at first I had given you that by meditation one can achieve inner peace but the inner peace here in meditation means to attain moksha. Now moksha means to leave the cycle of births and deaths. By doing meditation we will come across several stages. When we pass in all the stages than when we will die than we will leave the cycle of births and deaths .i.e..  moksha. Many great saints namely Kabir, Ramanand, Nanak, Govindsinh, Sai Baba, Nityanand, Muktanand etc. They all were the people who attained moksha. Many are on the stages to attain it.










    To attain. Moksha is not so easy. It is very difficult to attain it. Yet many people have attained it as listed above. Many common people have also attained it by following the guru’s  words. That means that even a common man can also attain moksha . for that we don’t have to renounce the world.         

                                     The training of shifting our minds focus to the state of deepest relaxation possible , for a few minutes daily ,is called meditation. Meditation is a way to enjoy each of the cardinal aspects of our life to its fullest--- health, personal relationship and worldly success. Meditation brings us the sense of compromise with the transitory nature of the world we live in, and what we receive in response to our expectations from it.

                                   Practicing meditation helps in develop our discriminatory sense, an insight to distinguish between right and wrong , real and illusory.





  Meditation helps us know better about ourselves. The more we know about ourselves , the more we feel truly proud of ourselves, making us rise above our competitive comparisons.

                                   The only purpose of meditation in the east is to find god in life.  It is a way to create a bridge between us and our creator. Meditation is commonly referred to faiths as a spiritual practice, a practice that awakens our divine spark within us and helps us our spiritual evolution , the purpose of our life’s journey.

                                  The bible refers: When you pray , enter into your closest… an your father who sees in secret shall reward you openly.

                                  When you go very deep in meditation then the god will be very happy at you. He will make you cross many stages in which you will get the power to  do many things with the help of magic.











 But if you do it the more time and than not do meditation than the god will be angry at you and than he will take all his powers from you. Then again when you do it than you have to start it from first . You must never use the power always.

                                The power which the god gave you is the very secret and sacred power. You must never tell anybody about the power the creator gave you. If you want to tell anybody about the powers the creator gave you than you must tell it to a person whom you have full trust and who does not tell anybody about your this secret. You must take care that no one knows your this secret.                                                                                                                                      

                                 The power which is got by you has very much strength. You can do anything with the help of it . After some time you will get that power that if you lend your hand and think of any thing then it will be on your hand .     




Now how to do meditation?

Earlier we saw that what is meditation. Now we will learn how to do meditation .1. Now first of all sit in padmasana . If you cant sit in padmasana than you sit keeping your legs on one another. If you can do padmasana then sit in that position because it is the best way to do it. take the thumb of both the hands and the first fingers of both the hands. Keep them in such a way that it forms a circle. Keep the nails of the first fingers from where the thumb gets folded on the opposite side of the nails. Keep the other three fingers open straight.


3. Now keep the hands on both the knees in such a way that the three opened straight fingers should remain facing the ground  or the asana(which I will mention after).










4. Now close your eyes and take a deep breath and exhale the breath by taking the gods name in which god you believe but the best name to take is ‘om’ or ‘om namash shivay’.


                             Now as I mentioned above about the asana I am telling you of it. Now asana means a piece of cloth which is needed in doing meditation. It plays an important role in meditation. When we do meditation , sit on a asana and do it . If you do not take the asana while doing the meditation then the powers that you receive from GOD that will directly go into the ground and when you sit to do meditation the second time than you will have to do meditation from starting and not from where you have stopped.





   If you take asana while doing meditation then the powers that you receive from GOD will stay in the asana and so when you do meditation the second time than you will start doing meditation from where you have stopped.


                   Now you know that asana plays an important role in doing meditation.                                                   

                                            Note : If you want to get salvation (Moksha) very fast than you start doing it from the day you read this because if you will not start doing it from that day then it can also take many more years and you don’t know that how many years are you going to live. Then if the satyayug starts then many people will start doing it and so it can also take many births to attain salvation or it cannot be attained.










Time taken to attain salvation in satyayug:

                             Now I will tell you that the time taken to attain salvation in satyayug is much more.

If 1000 people are the starters of meditation , then out of that only 1 person will have the power to hear voices. If like this 1000 people  will get the power than from that only 1 person can get the power to see something. If like this 1000 people will gather , only 1 will attain  Kundalini Shakti. If like this 1000 people gather than one of them will attain a power . Like this there are 16 powers to be attained. If like this 1000 people gather having all the 16 powers , out of that only 1 will attain salvation.

                                       Now you must have understood that  we should not be lazy in this matter as if we will be lazy then you could not attain salvation. It is not that we could not attain salvation in satyayug but it can take many years or also it can take many incarnations (births).






   In this yug, i.e. Kalyug, the number instead of in thousands, it is in hundreds or ten’s. This means that in the starting an ending of Kalyug , the number is in hundreds and in the middle of it, it is in tens. So, from the day you have completed reading this book, you must start doing meditation or if you have started it  then you must now start doing it regularly.



If you are a house wife  then you should do it minimum 40 to 50 minutes . If you are above 45 man then you should do it 20 to 30 minutes . If you  are above 45 woman then you should do it 30 to 40 minutes. If you are above 60 man then you should do it 10 to 20 minutes . If you are above 60 woman then you should do it 20 to 30 minutes. We should do meditation when and after our age is 6 years. If you are a child till 14  girls should do it 45 minutes and if you are a boy then also you have to do it 45 minutes. If you are studying  in  standard 10,11or 12 then to pass you should do it 1 hour. In collage then you are in the category of a businessman. And  if a girl then in the category of a house wife.




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