Some astounding science facts
There are many questions on how things works, how they occour....
Here, some of them would be solved.

1. Can man suvive the ice age for 1000 years?
A. The answer is yes. By followingsome simple precations, he can surviveit. easily.
--> food problem:- Add chloroplat in human cells and thus, the food would be made and utilized by the body only so, there would be no need for extra food.
-->electricity problem: The speed of the wind would be much. So, Windmills would work easily thereby fulfilling our energy requirments.
As, the major problems are solved, The rest can be done very easily.

2. What would be the feul for the future?
A. It would be magnetic attraction and repulsion.

3. How to make a frictionless surface?
A. --> Take  a normal falt surface.(Eg. Tabble)
--> Covver it with air tight jar so that taht air cannot come in or go out.
--> Put some marbels on the table.
--> Suck out all teh air through vaccum pump.
--> The surface is ready.
--> To check it, Just roll the marbles which are on the table by giving the table a push and observe.

4.How to reduce friction?
A. --> Take a vehicle.
--> Move it in direction of wind.
--> Speed of vehicle should be smae as speed of wind.

5.Why nose of all animals including man is more outside than rest of the face?
A. -->Every animal including man run.
-->So, to reduce friction with air while running, it`s shape is according to aero-dynamincs i.e. is outside than rest of the face.
6. Why drops of water come up when a drop of water falls of water?
A.-->Water molecules form thin sheet like layer on the top.
-->So, when drop of water falls on it, the sheet repels it and sends it again upward after breaking it.
-->but due to gravity, it again falls back and at last mixes with water of container.
7.Why does the above fact not happen when line of water falls?
A.-->Because a lot of pressure is applied on water molecules which break the sheet of them.
-->So, the water is not sent back.
-->Also, continous supply of water does not allow time to water to reform its sheet.
8. How will the next species of aminals look?
A.-->Humans wolud soon becoe extinct in some of the other way.
-->So, then newer species of animals would dominate the world.
-->They would be shorter in height.
-->They would be more sophasticated and more intelligent than us.

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